Every year alongside the Pilot International Conference, Pilot International rewards all those people, companies and organizations who are making a difference in their societies locally, regionally and internationally through its international awards project called the Global Pilot Awards. The following award categories are considered for nominations for the Global Pilot Awards:

  • Sustainable Development Award
  • Investment Award
  • Community Economic Development Award
  • International Development Award
  • Climate Change Mitigation Award
  • Renewable Energy Award
  • Global Export Award
  • Environmental Award
  • Waste Reduction Award
  • Innovation Award
  • Leadership Award
  • Green Award
  • Philanthropy Award

Nominations for the award of your choice are sent and accompanied with ¼ page profile explaining achievements, and a personal picture or logo of the nominee to: Please note that the award nomination fees are to be paid at the time of submission of the nomination information.

The winners will are announced and awards bestowed at the closure of the Pilot International Conference.